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Power Plate


Power Plate is used by Mark Wahlberg, Serena Williams, Professional Athletes, Doctors, and even Formula 1 drivers.

The engineering team at Power Plate has been innovating in the whole body vibration space for over 22 years.

The engineers at Power Plate are obsessed with improving and refining Power Plate’s world-class equipment.

Spark Creative was tasked to produce a broad spectrum of videos to be used in a campaign to showcase the benefits of Power Plates' products.

The campaign was focused around one of their customers, Feel Good Fitness based in Basildon, Essex


The Focus

Feel Good Fitness has been a client of Power Plate for many years, and has a large equipment offering to their members.

Feel Good Fitness caters to a diverse member base, supporting people with various health and physical conditions to get the most out of health and wellbeing.

Power Plate's products are an extremely beneficial offering for many of their members, and this was highlighted in their campaign


The Process

Over the course of a day and with extensive pre-planning, alongside the Power Plate team, Spark Creative filmed an extensive bank of Power Plate products available at Feel Good Fitness in use by their members. On top of this, members gave various talks to camera about their realised benefits of using Power Plate's products.



Over 30 films were produced in both horizontal and vertical formats to cater to different platforms.

With various focus points, members gave an insight into their condition, how they came to discover the gym, and how and why Power Plate enhances their mobility, strength and enjoyment of exercise.

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